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An Inconvenient Love

AN INCONVENIENT LOVE, directed by Petersen Vargas, starring Belle Mariano and Donny Pangilinan, ONLY IN CINEMAS this November 23, 2022! 💚💜🧡

"According to Star Cinema, the film follows Ayef (Mariano), a convenience store staff at 24-Ever who has dreams of becoming an international animator. Love isn’t really on her agenda. That is until she meets Manny (Pangilinan), a young man game for life’s many adventures. Both agree to enter into a relationship. But the catch is that it will only last for one month as Ayef is moving to Singapore. As their month of dating goes on though, the two may realize that an extension may be needed. The rest of the cast includes Adrian Lindayag, Iana Bernardez, Sheenly Gener, Krissy Achino, and Brian Sy with the first three being Ayaf’s co-workers at 24-Ever and the last two being employees of Manny’s HalaManny plant shop."

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