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Love Is ColorBlind

Love is Color Blind is the first ever film as a loveteam of our best-loved pair, DonBelle. It is not your typical romantic comedy film, as it will take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. It is directed by Direk John Leo Garcia.

Love is Color Blind talks about high energy and selfless Cara, portrayed by Belle Mariano, who helps her best friend Ino, portrayed by Donny Pangilinan, navigate from a tragic past that took away the life of his mom and caused him to lost the colours of his vision, while also nursing her heart that has long harboured a deep feeling for him since they were in highschool. However, two other love interests, Iris, played by Angelina Cruz and Sky, played by Jeremiah Lisbo, complicate matters.

Love is Color Blind bags the Highest Grossing Movie of 2021 and holds the Biggest Digital Premiere on KTX. It also garnered a top spot on Netflix as soon as it was released.

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