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ASAP Guesting, All


May 30, 2021


The HIH cast is back in ASAP. This time, they have another dance number wearing their Benison uniforms (except for Jeremiah Lisbo who wears his jersey) to the tune of the theme song of the series. BGYO starts off the number by singing some parts of “He’s Into Her”. By this time, the first episode has premiered in IWant already.


The tag trends not only in the country but also worldwide and is on the Phil trends list   even the following day as noted by Vaughn Hautea and a Bubbly.          

DonBelle is also interviewed on IWant ASAP where Donny gets an opportunity to tease Belle. They are asked about their nicknames to each other, Donny tells them about Tutoch, which is Belle’s nickname at home. This is a fresh discovery bec of the Kumu live with Direk Cathy the previous night. Robi Domingo, one of the hosts, notes how pleased Donny was with the new nickname he uncovers while Maymay mentions that the two are married with three kids referencing the TV patrol interview.

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