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ASAP Guesting, All


July 11, 2021

11.07. 2021

Another ASAP appearance for our best boy, Donny Pangilinan and best girl, Belle Mariano. They joined Kapamilya stars in the Kapamilya Forever Parade wearing Christmas Colors-Belle in green and Donny in red. As Donny and Belle read their opening spiels, Kuya Robi teases the two by saying “Kiss.”

 In this ASAP episode, DonBelle once again, enthralled Bubblies with another dance number to the tune of “Gimme Hope Jo’anna (Tni Envoyer Remix)” Belle wears a Blue off shoulder bustier top paired with white mini. Donny has a blue polo on top of a white shirt and khakis. In their ASAP stints, they have been proving how multi-talented they are. If He’s Into Her can showcase their acting prowess, ASAP has shown that these two are born entertainers as they can also groove to dance hits from different eras.

We are also treated to BTS pics of these two as Donny takes a pic as Belle tries to model her OOTD. And we must admit, seeing them outside of the official frames being televised, makes us all believe that there is at least genuine friendship between the two as they can hang out even without cameras rolling.

Bubblies have been so supportive as the tag DONBELLE ALLwaysOurSTAR enters the worldwide trend at 334K Tweets and becomes number one in Philippine trends, as well.

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