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ASAP Guesting, All


June 20, 2021


It is another Amazing Sunday as Bubblies await for a DonBelle prod. This time, we are treated to a Sigurado Duet. Belle opens the prod with her sweet vocals as she walks seemingly going out to the veranda, waiting for her crush or suitor. She is every inch the modern “dalagang Filipina” in her pink, sequined dress, her long flowing hair, and her refined actions. Her girly charms shine through while belting out her sweet song.

Donny suddenly joins in on the singing. He looks like a preppy suitor in his white polo underneath the powder blue sweatshirt and khakis as he tries to catch the eye of the most beautiful girl in town.


This production number comes two days after they debuted the “Sigurado duet” on “He’s Into Her” Season 1, Episode 5. While there is a tentative feels to the HIH scene, the ASAP prod is more straightforward in its setting and set-up. The boy is definitely courting. It was just the perfect song for young love from “Siguro” – being hesitant to “Sigurado”- to being sure of what one feels. It truly captures the feels of being scared of that new feeling of being in love and the undeniable pull of the attraction to someone. And DonBelle has been able to effectively share that feeling through the screens despite the social distancing still being observed.

The tag DONBELLE AMAzingDayOnASAP has been trending nationwide based on the ASAP pub mat  and has also been among one of two in the ASAP tags to reach worldwide trends at 245K tweets.

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