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DONBELLE BubbliesPride

ASAP Guesting, All


August 8, 2021


Donny and Belle are definitely the pride of Bubblies. In this ASAP episode, they dance to the music of “Puso” – a Sponge Cola original with SethDrea as Zsa-Zsa Padilla and other ASAP singers belt out the song. Belle is wearing a mesh yellow crop top and yellow pants while Donny has a blue jacket on top of a block shirt and black jeans with yellow detailing on the side.  

Some BTS finds its way through soc med. The ones with friends make everyone so excited. There is the tiktok vid featuring Kyle Echarri with Belle which says two best friends in the room might kiss, and Donny enters, seemingly trying to stop the two, only to end up in a smooch position with Kyle himself. The second one is with Darren. Belle and Darren have been tagging on each other’s clothes which have some very long accessories. Some Bubblies notice how Belinda seems comfy hanging out with Donny’s friends while waiting for their turn in ASAP. Of course, Donny and Belle have the customary OOTD pics together.

DONBELLE BubbliesPride trends worldwide at 313K tweets based on the ASAP pub mat.  As usual, the tag trends even on the following day.

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