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DonBelle KiligTreatOnASAP

ASAP Guesting, All


October 10, 2021


“Kilig” has already been DonBelle’s trademark. So it wasn’t a surprise when they had us “kilig” while watching them sing “Upuan” by Ben & Ben. Just the simple holding hands and soft stares were enough to make the whole empire swoon!

This kilig treat got the tag DONBELLE KiligTreatOnASAP on the 4th spot worldwide, garnering 300,000 + tweets! It is a solid proof the everyone from the empire was watching DonBelle’s special number.

From manifesting a DonBelle and Ben & Ben collaboration, we cannot believe that we are finally witnessing what we’ve always hoped and prayed for! Who knew all those hopeful nights and manifestations would pay off? Manifestation works! And patience is always a virtue!

From the bottom of our black and red hearts, we thank ASAP and Ben & Ben for making this possible. It’s refreshing to see Donny and Belle share the stage once again — this time to sing their hearts out to each other. It was such a treat considering that it was also a special day for the empire. Every 10th of the month, we celebrate “DONBELLE DAY” as well. How amazing it is to both celebrate DONBELLE DAY and their ASAP performance together, right? It made it seem as if Donny and Belle were also celebrating with us! What a treat! Kilig, indeed!