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ASAP Guesting, All


July 18, 2021


Another ASAP guesting and another dance prod for Donny and Belle. This time they dance with another love team, the one half of the gold squad – Kycine. They have their own dance interpretation of a 1994 hit “Always” by Erasure. They may not have been born yet when the song was released, but the pair gives justice to this dance craze on the ASAP Dance Floor. The two wear matching wardrobe as they both have jeans and red tops beneath their black blazers. 

They, alongside Robi Domingo, also deliver the spiel for the greatest showdown. Of course, Kuya Robs can’t help but take a swipe at Donny as the two said something about being lucky (maswerte tayo) to which Kuya Robi replies “Ang swerte mo nga. Katabi mo.”

Some BTS also sent shivers down our spine as we are treated to a vid of Belle walking the ABS-CBN hallway as though she is walking on the runway.  Robi also has a post on Twitter with the two with a caption: “Deib umayos ka, wag mo sasaktan si Max,” referencing Maxwell, a character in He’s Into Her. In the photo, Robi’s fist is ready to hit Donny while Belle tries to prevent him from doing so. When these three are together, expect some goofing around as Robi is the older brother bullying the suitor of his younger sister. Robi can also be Donny’s older brother teasing his younger brother when his crush is around. However which way, we do enjoy the interactions among these three. Robi might be Bubblies’ favorite ASAP third wheel. Here is the tweet if you have not seen it yet or if you want to see it again:

The tag, DONBELLE LoudAndProud, trends nationwide with 383 tweets and worldwide at 352.2K tweets as published by ASAP’s official pub mat on their Twitter account:

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