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ASAP Guesting, All


August 29, 2021


Belle is in red shorts and blouse with boots. Donny in blue striped polo and jeans. They conquer the ASAP dance stage once again with Enchong Dee and Sheena Bellarmino, KarJon, and Kycine. Separate numbers by gender at first, then they all joined together and Donny and Belle give each other a fist bump as they join each other on stage right before doing the next dance moves.

Ate Keia gives us a vid of the two after the prod in this tweet

Belle cheers Donny on as he executes some dance moves. In this tweet, we see Belle watching in the sidelines and shouting “Go Donny!”    

Bubblies smothers Donny and Belle with love, too as the tag, DONBELLE SealedWithLOVE, trends worldwide with 257K tweets according to ASAP’s pub mat. It also reaches the top spot nationwide at 151K tweets and top 2 with 256K tweets.

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