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FreedomParty WithDONBELLE

ASAP Guesting, All


June 13, 2021


 A day after the Philippine Independence Day, Donny and Belle have a prod in ASAP with the other two love teams in He’s Into Her Season 1, KaoRhys and KrizJo with MayWard. Donny sings “Magandang Dilag” with the boys in a cool tux and shirt attire. Belle and the girls sing A Sandara Park Original,  “Ang Ganda Ko” while sporting a pink dress.


The tag, FreedomParty WithDONBELLE is among the trending topics nationwide with 342K tweets as recorded in ASAP’s pub mat.

What is special in this ASAP guesting is not only the performance, but also the behind the scenes. We have pics of them together looking really good and a short vid clip from Ate Keia where Donny sings Magandang Dilag while Belle tries to go through the motion of the viral moves of putting her hair behind her ears.

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