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HIHSquad OnASAPFresh

ASAP Guesting, All


May 23, 2021


Donny and Belle are back on the ASAP stage the week after their first duet. This time, they are with the Bearkadas for a dance number. They showcased their moves to the tune of “Love Fool”. It is an ode to one of the songs that is integral to the Wattpad series, “He’s Into Her” that they are promoting. Both Donny and Belle are a joy to see on the ASAP dance floor as they can both move well.  

Belle looks fresh in a monochromatic pink attire, though the top has a darker shade than the pants. Donny wears pastels in blue and peach jacket and jeans with a white shirt. 

The Tag HIHSquad OnASAPFresh was so apt because the fresh faces of the Bearkadas especially that of Donny and Belle lit up the screen during the prod. It surely completes the weekend for all Bubblies.

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