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ASAP Guesting, All


August 15, 2021


Infinite excitement bubbles up inside whenever Bubblies know that Donny and Belle will grace the ASAP stage. Once more, DonBelle dons their dancing shoes in an all-orange ensemble. Donny and Belle dance to Zsa Zsa Padilla and Angeline Quino’s feel good rendition of “Ako’y Nappa-Uhhh.” They are joined on stage by other love teams- LoiNnie and SethDrea.

They are in varying shades of orange that Ogie Alcasid calls them ponkan. This episode is at the heart of the “Buwan ng Wika” celeb and the birthday of Manuel Quezon considered as the Father of the language that in the opening spiel, Donny is dared to a Balagtasan by Ms. Regine Velasquez to say a thing or two in Filipino to complement Belle. Our best boy rises up to the challenge as he addresses Belle as Binibining Belinda and likens her sweet smile to honey and the twinkle in her eyes to stars.

Another behind the scenes vid makes everyone’s weekend as Belle reaches out to smoothen something on Donny’s hair. This leads everyone to a throwback moment, when during an interview Donny is heard saying you can touch my hand, but not my hair. This shows that Belle Mariano is an exception to a rule that Donny has established some years back.

The tag  INFINITE DONBELLEonASAP, once again trends worldwide with 248K Tweets.

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