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ASAP Guesting, All


September 19, 2021


The tag Remarkable DONBELLEonASAP truly symbolizes what Donny and Belle are to the whole fandom. In fact, they have made their own mark in our lives. Just the mere presence of DonBelle and their oozing charisma has helped save a lot of fans from depression and anxiety. They are the reason why most of us, battling depression, still choose to live despite the difficulty. Life may be cruel and sometimes difficult but DonBelle has made it more bearable. In fact, they are the glue that keeps the whole fandom stuck together.

They are the light in our darkest times. They are the reason for every smile and every laughter. They are the anchor to our ship. And our ship will continue to sail no matter how strong the waves may hit it. We will survive every storm because of the mark DonBelle has left on it. Their marks in our hearts are truly strong and pure that no storm can erase it. All these and many more have made DonBelle REMARKABLE in our eyes. They are our saviors, and we are their warriors.